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Kindness murals across Imperial Beach

February 14, 2024

Painting murals to promote and spread kindness.

If one act of kindness can change a life, an entire movement has the power to change the world. Through the City of Kindness movement, a coalition of organizations are working together to affect meaningful change among schools, professionals, young people, elected officials and companies. The movement aims to make the world a better place by supporting and promoting projects and campaigns that advance social good through kindness.

Recognizing the health, psychological and civic benefits of kindness, Imperial Beach officially joined the movement on May 5, 2021. The designation was made as part of the city’s commitment to take steps to foster kindness in its deliberations and decisions. “We believe Imperial Beach is an even better community when people respect one another, and leaders prioritize people,” said Mayor Serge Dedina.

As part of its campaign funded by the Chuck and Ernestina Kreutzkamp Foundation, the city teamed up with the Imperial Beach Arts Bureau to launch a series of five murals that represent kindness. Designed by artists including Carly Ealey, Isabella Anderson, Marissa Quinn, Michelle Lubin and IB Arts Bureau volunteers, the murals will inspire the community and all those who pass through the city for many years to come.


More than just a beautiful work of art, each mural is infused with deeper meaning. On Palm Avenue and Florence Street, Carly Ealey’ 110-foot-long “Grounding Frequency” features two women’s hands, one Black and one white, cradling a glowing heart. With the hands representing love and kindness, the mural is the artist’s statement to the world about our need to come together. Meanwhile, in IB Sports Park, the Arts Bureau invited residents to share what kindness means to them. A 1,000-foot wall proclaiming “We Are IB” features messages of love, drawings, signatures and handprints from kids, adults and even a dog. It will serve as a unifying reminder that everyone plays an important role in fostering kindness and can leave their own mark on the community.

The project also inspired a 120-member community bike ride — one of the most successful the Arts Bureau has ever hosted — and will be commemorated in the upcoming documentary, “The Case For Kindness.” The documentary will feature a number of notable activists, entertainers, scientists and leaders making a compelling case for kindness in our world.