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As a country, we are the most charitable in the world. And charitable giving is expected to continue to rise as the broader economy expands.

Even during the most challenging times in the world, American philanthropy has proven to be resilient. As a matter of fact, overall giving and average donation amounts have increased. This proves that generosity is thriving and helping people cultivate purpose.

Lately, monetary direct donations are shifting from the middle class to the wealthy, from income to assets, and from boomers to millennials. Surprisingly, wealthy, asset-holding millennials are where philanthropy is increasing the fastest; however, regardless of our age or background, we can all do our small part to create big change!

Let’s talk about philanthropy

Philanthropy is not just a hobby for rich tycoons at the end of their careers. Private giving is a massive phenomenon that provides great joy in life. It is one of the most effective ways to solve some of the most pressing issues in the U.S. It’s a huge, multifaceted enterprise bubbling with fresh ideas, risk-taking, social invention, and lots of human kindness. It’s also one of the most distinctive elements of American culture and society—a practice that sets us apart from other nations. As a country, we are much stronger, more dynamic, warmer, united, and cheery because of the extraordinary giving and volunteering that millions of Americans offer to their fellow citizens every year.

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At CEK we are passionate about life changing efforts to improve the lives of others. We invest our time and resources to realize positive outcomes, but there is only so much we can do. That’s why we welcome and foster collaboration. We want to be a source of education, inspiration, and a beacon to likeminded organizations and individuals who want to have global impact, regardless of the size of their contribution.

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Source for all:   The Almanac of American Philanthropy by Karl Zinsmeister

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